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  • Crown
    Mike Sweeney | September 22, 2011

    Distribution is King

    Authors work with publishers to gain access to cash, connections, and blueprints for distribution and marketing. Choose the right publisher, and the chances of commercial success are increased, although not guaranteed. Choose the wrong publisher, and even a brilliant novel or biography may never make the Amazon Best Seller list. Publishers add tremendous value to […] read more

  • Mike Sweeney | August 23, 2011

    The Salesperson’s Guide to Content Marketing: Part II

    In Part I of the Salesperson’s Guide to Content Marketing, I outlined how content marketing impacts a salesperson’s goals and objectives.  It certainly struck a nerve with some of my sales colleagues, including one email in my inbox that simply read, “You proved your point. I get it now. So what’s next?” For most, the […] read more

  • Mike Sweeney | July 26, 2011

    The Salesperson’s Guide to Content Marketing: Part I

    In a content marketing kickoff meeting not long ago, I encountered something out of the ordinary. A salesperson – a senior, successful salesperson – not only attended, but participated heavily in both the operational and content brainstorming portions of the meeting. Why, when most salespeople avoid anything they don’t think will directly impact their potential […] read more

  • Mike Sweeney | July 17, 2011

    Hey Startup Founder, Your Messaging Sucks

    I have some good news and some bad news for startup founders and CEOs. The bad news is that your messaging does in fact suck, and it may suck for a long, long time. The good news is that if you follow the rest of this post, you may be able to turn that suckitude […] read more

  • Mike Sweeney | July 11, 2011

    The Secrets of a Successful Content Marketing Kickoff Meeting

    The following post was initially published on the Content Marketing Institute Blog (June 23, 2011). An organized, well-attended kickoff meeting is essential to starting a successful content marketing program.  This is true whether you are handling your content marketing in house or hiring an agency or consultant. Yet keeping this meeting on track is difficult, especially […] read more

  • LinkedIn Profile
    Mike Sweeney | June 29, 2011

    Choosing Your Marketing Help in 2011: 5 Things You Should Stop Looking At

    Inconsistent messaging. A sales and marketing team that barely speak to each other. A website optimized for everyone but visitors. A corporate Facebook page with unanswered comments from 6 months prior. A blog that claims 36 visitors…per month. Welcome to the marketing cleanup job. Grab your latex gloves and mop, and let’s shine this company […] read more