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  • Right Source | June 12, 2012

    Content Marketing’s Many Moving Parts

    Can you think of a message, webinar invitation, white paper or eBook download offer that really hooked you? Were you curious? Did you want to keep reading?  Share, discuss and save it?  Did you finally decide to buy?  If so, that’s powerful content marketing in action. There are lots of definitions for content marketing, but in essence it […] read more

  • Right Source | June 5, 2012

    How Traditional Media Companies Can Conquer the Digital Wave

    I recently returned from addressing the Media Financial Management Association conference in Las Vegas.  Despite the festive diversions outside the conference center, the audience of executives from traditional media companies—newspapers, radio stations and TV—were all anxious about the same challenge: how to integrate digital marketing services with their traditional offerings. Consumers and businesses have more […] read more

  • Right Source | May 30, 2012

    When It Comes to Content Marketing, If You Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

    Author’s note: Effective content marketing planning is one of the biggest issues many of our clients deal with. This post expands on Mike Sweeney’s very popular January 2012 post on planning: 12 Questions That Should Guide Your Content Marketing Plan. We see plenty of companies that appear to have jumped into content marketing without a […] read more

  • Right Source | May 17, 2012

    Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

    Everybody likes to get a good deal, and it seems like everywhere you turn, there is another company that’s making it easier for businesses to create and distribute special offers. The question is whether discounting your products or services is in line with your overall marketing strategy. Let’s look at the good and the bad […] read more

  • Right Source | May 11, 2012

    How to Turn Attending Events into Awesome Content Marketing

    Creating a lot of engaging, quality content is tough. We’ve all got a lot on our plates. But especially if a big selling point for your company is expertise and knowledge, if your team attends conferences or work-related events, you’ve got content. Writing about events you’re attending is a key part of any content marketing […] read more

  • Right Source | April 24, 2012

    Who Needs Feminism: A Social Media Strategy Case Study

    I’ve been keeping a marketing strategist’s eye on a recent campaign, Who Needs Feminism, which was staged by a class of students from Duke University (my alma mater!). Inspired by a class discussion in their “Women in the Public Sphere” course, these students launched a campaign to battle the stigma around the word “feminism.” Marketers […] read more