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  • Right Source | April 20, 2011

    Why the Best Marketing is Like Lingerie

    “The best fiction is like lingerie,” one of my creative writing teachers used to say. “It shows just enough to be seductive, while leaving something to the imagination.” This teacher was talking about writing, not business, but his advice holds true for both: after all, a large part of fiction and marketing is telling a […] read more

  • 5 Steps to Generate Demand with Content Marketing: Do Your Prospects Know They Need You?
    Right Source | April 6, 2011

    5 Steps to Generate Demand with Content Marketing: Do Your Prospects Know They Need You?

    When you’re marketing to an audience that believes “what I’ve always been doing works just fine,” it’s hard to get the point across that there’s a better way to live life or do business. Even when a business creates a product or service that solves a problem or opens an opportunity, sometimes, the market still […] read more

  • Right Source | March 23, 2011

    How to Be a Great Blogger even if You’re Not a Great Writer

    While it may steal income from writers like myself worldwide, I must state this truth: You don’t have to be a great writer to be a great blogger. Wait a minute, you may be thinking.  Don’t blog posts have those strange things called sentences and words in them? And thus shouldn’t writing skill and blogging […] read more

  • Right Source | March 16, 2011

    6 Fixes for Writer’s Block, Even if You’re Not a Writer

    Whether or not you call yourself a writer, you’ve probably experienced writer’s block. It can attack at any time: when you’re writing a 500 page novel, a blog post, an email to a client, or even a tweet. You know how it feels: you sit down to write, and get that sinking feeling in your […] read more

  • Right Source | March 7, 2011

    10 Steps to Pick-Up a Social Media Audience

    Sure, you may not care about how much a polar bear weighs. But if you’re a marketer, you’d better give your social media marketing enough weight to break the ice. Attracting—and keeping—the attention of the right audience can make or break your social media marketing. While there are many ways to attract a following on […] read more

  • Right Source | March 1, 2011

    Measuring Marketing: The Importance of “The Look”

    Today, marketing ROI is more measurable than ever.  You can see who has opened your e-newsletters, view the number of impressions for posts on your Facebook fan page, and even track the movement of a mouse over your website. At Right Source Marketing, we’re big fans of measuring and reporting the right metrics, and, when […] read more