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  • Will Davis | June 30, 2009

    The Obvious Yet Underused Way to Build an SEO Program

    A Simple Strategy for Building Your Search Engine Optimization SEO Program read more

  • Will Davis | June 18, 2009

    Social Media: Justify Your Love With the Right ROI Approach

    Social Media: Justify Your Love With the Right ROI Approach read more

  • Will Davis | June 4, 2009

    Why Do So Many Companies Struggle to Track ROI and Qualify Leads?

    While the headline of this recent B to B Magazine article didn’t surprise me, the candidness behind the underlying metrics did: Study: Small companies can’t track campaign ROI, fail to qualify leads While I won’t reprint the full article, here two key pieces struck me: Nearly 63% of small-business marketers say they can’t track the […] read more

  • Will Davis | May 7, 2009

    If Your Company is Taking on Goliath, Are You Resourceful Like David?

    I just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s latest piece in The New Yorker, How David Beats Goliath: When Underdogs Break the Rules.  To no surprise he has once again hit the nail on the head.  Through both research data and elegant examples as varied to include the eponymous Biblical tale, 12 year old girls basketball, World […] read more

  • Will Davis | April 30, 2009

    Transparency and Experts

    There’s never been an easier time to be an expert. Just about any piece of information you could ever want is available through an Internet connection, a browser and just a few clicks. You can quickly set up a blog, a small website, and a LinkedIn profile and you too can look like an expert. […] read more

  • Will Davis | March 19, 2009

    A Winning Bracket Resembles a Winning Marketing Strategy

    This time of year, talk inevitably turns to March Madness and filling out your bracket.  While putting my bracket together, I started to think about some similarities between a winning marketing strategy and a winning bracket:   Your Strategy is Crucial No surprise here, if you’ve read this blog at all you knew that would […] read more