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  • Yvonne Lyons | January 13, 2015

    10 Steps to a Successful Content Marketing Plan

    You’re using content marketing, right? I’m sure all your content marketing pals are hard at work, as well. In fact, according to the latest Content Marketing Institute research, 86 percent of B2B marketers and 77 percent of B2C marketers use content marketing. Great! Everyone is successful and happy, right? Well, maybe not exactly. It seems […] read more

  • Design Or Content First
    Yvonne Lyons | January 8, 2015

    What Should Come First? Content or Design?

    Let me count the number of times someone has told me that design needs to come before content. Hundreds. Now let me count the number of times that someone else has argued that content needs to come before design. Also a lot. I’d have good statistical evidence if I had really kept track of this. […] read more

  • Spotting the Ownership Mentality in Employees
    Yvonne Lyons | November 6, 2014

    Spotting the Ownership Mentality in Employees

    I have no ownership stake in Right Source Marketing. But I approach everything I do as if I own the place (some of my colleagues will chuckle at that). That means that I am incredibly invested in the company’s success, and everything I do reflects that—from the tiny details to the big picture. I think […] read more

  • Why Batman is the Best Halloween Costume
    Yvonne Lyons | October 30, 2014

    Why Batman is the Best Halloween Costume for a Content Marketer

    It’s Halloween. Have a costume yet? Unlikely. You’re a content marketer. You’re busy planning, writing, distributing, recruiting volunteers, repurposing, measuring… you don’t have time for finding costumes. Not to worry. I have your solution. No one has ever gone wrong with a good superhero costume. And from what my research has told me (conducted very […] read more

  • Are You a Bad Client?
    Yvonne Lyons | October 17, 2014

    Are You a Bad Client? Fix the Agency Relationship, Generate More Revenue

    If you work with an outsourced marketing firm or agency to help you execute your marketing strategy, you probably assume the relationship will make your life easier and will ultimately drive top-line revenue in the form of leads, new prospects and new customers. And you should. When that doesn’t go smoothly, or if those leads, […] read more

  • Print Is Not Dead
    Yvonne Lyons | October 2, 2014

    Print is Dead? Think Again, Content Marketers

    I like print. I think it’s alive and well. There — I said it. I take a lot of heat at Right Source for this, because, well, we are a digital marketing consultancy. Sure, we do some print work, but not a ton. Some of the folks here are big on that familiar phrase, “print […] read more