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  • Build Your Content Strategy
    Yvonne Lyons | March 14, 2014

    How to Use Ideas, Messages and Themes to Build Your Content Strategy

    A content marketing plan can be daunting to put together. It is a lot of work, involves hours of research, takes input (at least it should) from various areas of your organization, and requires some deep thinking. Sometimes I have trouble diving into a content marketing plan, and I do lots of them, so it’s no […] read more

  • No Time and No Help? How to Get Your Content Done
    Yvonne Lyons | March 6, 2014

    No Time and No Help? How to Get Your Content Done

    I have heard this more than once from clients or prospective clients: “We know we need to create content, we just don’t have time, and unfortunately, we are the only ones who can really write knowledgeably about our subject matter.” In many cases, both of these statements are valid. It’s clearly very hard to find […] read more

  • How to Distinguish the Journalist from the Content Marketing Writer
    Yvonne Lyons | January 23, 2014

    How to Distinguish the Journalist from the Content Marketing Writer

    Not long ago, I wrote a post on what content marketing writers can learn from journalists. Good content marketing writers will always do well to take some lessons from journalists, because much of what we do now is true reporting and storytelling — skills that the journalist has honed during his or her career. And […] read more

  • Yvonne Lyons | January 16, 2014

    10 Ways to Generate New Content Ideas

    So you got a little behind the eight ball. You were on top of that editorial calendar but then your job and your life got in the way and all of a sudden your once-robust content queue is full of nothing. Your stomach kind of lurches, maybe a little bit of panic creeps in. Every […] read more

  • Yvonne Lyons | January 9, 2014

    Be a Better Content Marketer in 2014: 10 Resolutions

    New years are for resolutions. Join the gym, eat better, visit your mother more often, buy lottery tickets, become a game show host — whatever your habitual resolution is when the ball drops, it’s usually out the window as unattainable by what, March? But the exceptional content marketer should make some marketing-related resolutions, and because […] read more

  • Turkeys, Stuffing and Content Marketing
    Yvonne Lyons | November 26, 2013

    Thanks for the Turkey, Stuffing, and the Content Marketing

    We all know that this is the holiday of giving thanks — for family, for that delicious dinner, for all the great things that content marketing brings to our lives. Huh? Well, admit it. All modern marketers should give some thanks for the bountiful glory that content marketing has bestowed upon them, right? This year, […] read more