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  • Print Magazines as Content Marketing
    Yvonne Lyons | May 31, 2016

    When Old School Is Out-of-the-Box: Print Magazines as Content Marketing

    Digital content is exploding on the Internet as companies embrace content marketing and seek to further their thought leadership. Everyone is publishing: blog posts, white papers and eBooks, content in email marketing and marketing automation, posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Online, we are drowning in content. The amount of content we are […] read more

  • Creating a Culture of Content_Driven Marketing
    Mike Sweeney | May 12, 2016

    Does Your Company Have the Culture for Content-Driven Marketing?

    Last week, I found myself rocked back in my chair, eyes to the sky, taking deep breaths, hoping and praying for a miracle. I wasn’t searching for a real miracle, but rather a minor business miracle. I was hoping for a particular client to suddenly “get” content-driven marketing, because after months of preaching and practicing, […] read more

  • Will Davis | May 5, 2016

    Tips for Getting Started With Your Marketing Technology Stack

    Being a marketer today means running a data-driven operation that delivers sales-ready leads resulting in revenue. That’s pretty scary isn’t it? Most likely, you aren’t a data scientist or a sales expert. Your expertise probably lies in targeting audiences with creative campaigns, advertising, and content. But increasingly, you are asked to show ROI on your […] read more

  • Nerd Alert_How to Make Boring Subjects Interesting_
    Right Source | April 28, 2016

    Nerd Alert: How to Make Boring Content Interesting

    Have you ever wondered how giant food companies keep all their ingredients fresh long enough to turn them into products, then keep them fresh longer still while they await sale to the public? How do the Campbell Soup people safely store all those tomatoes and celery stalks, all that chicken and beef? What’s that? You […] read more

  • The Most Important Things To Do After Publishing Your Next Blog Post
    Right Source | April 22, 2016

    The Most Important Things To Do After Publishing Your Next Blog Post

    Whether you’re deep into a content marketing effort that includes regular blog posts or you’re just getting started, you need a plan to maximize the impact of those posts. Your work isn’t finished when you hit “publish.” Right Source’s own expert marketing managers — Christine Guenther, Dov Hoffman, and Alex Smolen — tapped into their collective […] read more

  • How to Write Your Own Website Copy
    Right Source | April 14, 2016

    How to Write Your Own Website Copy

    I’m impressed by the number of companies that have started taking content marketing seriously. More businesses than ever are recognizing the value of placing helpful, informative content at the center of their marketing campaigns. And as someone who’s been preaching the Content Marketing Gospel for a while now, it’s gratifying to see so many businesses […] read more