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  • Dov Hoffman | December 19, 2013

    Content and Social Media: The Peanut Butter and Jelly of Marketing

    As social media has evolved these past few years, I’ve seen smart social strategies and tactics generate tangible results for certain companies. I’ve also seen the opposite — companies jumping on the social media bandwagon with a haphazard approach, which brings little in terms of results. What I’ve come to realize, however, especially since joining […] read more

  • Mike Sweeney | December 13, 2013

    How to Outsmart 90% of Marketing Job Seekers

    If you are a millennial trying to get a job in marketing today, you’re not alone. But to get noticed, pay attention to the details and follow this advice. read more

  • Will Davis | December 9, 2013

    Demand Generation and Content Marketing: A Match Made in B2B Heaven

    Content marketing is indisputably hot. Over the last few months, I’ve presented to a wide variety of groups about content marketing — Content Marketing World attendees, marketing directors, users, and college students, to name a few. In all of these sessions, one thing stands out: We’re finally turning the corner on the way marketers […] read more

  • Turkeys, Stuffing and Content Marketing
    Yvonne Lyons | November 26, 2013

    Thanks for the Turkey, Stuffing, and the Content Marketing

    We all know that this is the holiday of giving thanks — for family, for that delicious dinner, for all the great things that content marketing brings to our lives. Huh? Well, admit it. All modern marketers should give some thanks for the bountiful glory that content marketing has bestowed upon them, right? This year, […] read more

  • Alecia Farley | November 20, 2013

    5 Things That Can Make or Break Your Website Launch

    Building a brand new website or redesigning an existing one is exciting. There are plenty of “fun” parts of the process that people are happy to jump right into, and that never get left off the to-do list. Those things usually have to do with design, information architecture, and planning the really cool features that […] read more

  • Yvonne Lyons | November 14, 2013

    10 Lessons Content Marketing Writers Can Learn From Journalists

    Today, a successful content marketing writer has to be a number of things: part marketer, part journalist, part content strategist, and part businessperson. It’s not enough to have years of marketing background or agency copywriting experience. And it probably won’t work if you only have a brain for objective news coverage, because let’s face it, […] read more