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  • Mike Sweeney | April 10, 2013

    Two Birds, One Stone: Using Social Media to Build Professional and Company Brands

    A few weeks ago, we visited our friends at Ringio, a virtual PBX provider, to deliver a social media workshop. As a startup inhabited by almost exclusively engineering types, social media marketing rarely rises to the top of the priority list, and when it does, it is met with a healthy dose of skepticism. Talking […] read more

  • Mike Sweeney | March 28, 2013

    Outsourcing Your Content Marketing: Homework Required

    Content marketing is indisputably hot. Budgets are up. Business awareness is up. Demand for information and services is up. Look no further than the Google Trends charts below, comparing search interest for social media marketing and content marketing. Right now, content marketing is where social media marketing was in 2010—at the beginning of a long, […] read more

  • Mike Sweeney | March 5, 2013

    Insourcing Your Content Marketing: Should You Take on the Challenge?

    According to the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends annual report, the majority of companies say that they will increase their content marketing spending in the next 12 months. Additionally, only 44% of companies outsource their content creation, down from 58% in 2011. Companies are not only seeing the value of content marketing, […] read more

  • Will Davis | February 19, 2013

    Marketing Automation: Planning, Alignment and Content Spell Success

    According to Q2 Insights (formerly Focus Research), marketing automation software – including popular platforms like Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot, and Pardot – is showing the strongest growth in the $4 billion CRM market. Sirius Decisions predicts that 50% of B2B organizations will use marketing automation by 2015, up from 20% in 2012. The same research tells […] read more

  • Mike Sweeney | January 22, 2013

    Quality over Quantity: Why Weak Content is Killing Your Brand

    I don’t spend a lot of time using Twitter, but when I do, I am searching for content that will either educate, entertain, or maybe even inspire me. My situation mimics that of most business decision makers – I have limited time to explore, and I want to be productive during that time. Low quality […] read more

  • Content Marketing Plan - Blank Screen
    Mike Sweeney | January 10, 2013

    Overcoming Planner’s Block: The Content Marketer’s Edition

    Putting together a content marketing plan is no walk in the park. While there is no such thing as a standard content marketing plan, our particular process typically involves hours of discovery and research, a 40 – 70 page written document, a 20 – 30 slide presentation, and then delivery and discussion. This is a […] read more