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  • Mike Sweeney | July 26, 2011

    The Salesperson’s Guide to Content Marketing: Part I

    In a content marketing kickoff meeting not long ago, I encountered something out of the ordinary. A salesperson – a senior, successful salesperson – not only attended, but participated heavily in both the operational and content brainstorming portions of the meeting. Why, when most salespeople avoid anything they don’t think will directly impact their potential […] read more

  • Writing for the web
    Right Source | July 20, 2011

    Writing for the Web: Basics You Should Know

    Most website design and redesign projects focus on technology and aesthetics to the detriment of an extremely important element: written content. Depending on the website, written content can be more or less prominent, but concise and catchy writing is important whether you have two or twenty lines of copy. This Monday night, I participated in […] read more

  • Mike Sweeney | July 17, 2011

    Hey Startup Founder, Your Messaging Sucks

    I have some good news and some bad news for startup founders and CEOs. The bad news is that your messaging does in fact suck, and it may suck for a long, long time. The good news is that if you follow the rest of this post, you may be able to turn that suckitude […] read more

  • Right Source | July 15, 2011

    Harry Potter’s Marketing Spells

    In honor of the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, we’ve compiled a list of wizarding spells and matched them with their marketing correspondents. OK so it’s silly, but it’s Friday, and as we know, being goofy can really pay off. So grab a Butterbeer and get your nerd on with […] read more

  • Mike Sweeney | July 11, 2011

    The Secrets of a Successful Content Marketing Kickoff Meeting

    The following post was initially published on the Content Marketing Institute Blog (June 23, 2011). An organized, well-attended kickoff meeting is essential to starting a successful content marketing program.  This is true whether you are handling your content marketing in house or hiring an agency or consultant. Yet keeping this meeting on track is difficult, especially […] read more

  • Right Source | July 7, 2011

    Twitter Town Hall—Does Only Stupid Exist on the Internet?

    If you’ve ever closely followed a top Twitter trend, or read a thriving Reddit thread, you’ll appreciate this comic strip, which claims that “Only stupid exists on the internet.” Yesterday, during the Presidential Twitter Town Hall, I saw a good dose of tweets that made me agree with that comic strip—but I was also invigorated […] read more