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  • Russell Simon | March 9, 2021

    For HealthTech Marketing, You Need the Right Content Creators

    Healthtech marketers: Think of the last RFP that crossed your desk.  There was the question about whether your tech integrates with the hospital EMR (no doubt a complete deal-breaker for the IT department). Then there was the question about how your tech will improve quality at the hospital — likely a crucial answer to get […] read more

  • Russell Simon | February 23, 2021

    Your Healthtech Message Doesn’t Need To Be Complex To Communicate Quality

    If I could crystalize years of accumulated observations about healthcare messaging down to its essence, and then give some advice, I would say something like this: Don’t pretend at complexity because you think it will be seen as a marker of quality. True quality is intuitive, easy to understand, its benefits readily apparent. That said, […] read more