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Content Marketing

Content Distribution

Perhaps the most underemphasized pillar of healthcare content marketing is an effective content distribution strategy. The “if you build it, they will come” approach doesn’t work anymore. How you publish and deliver content to target audiences is just as important as how you create it in the first place.

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Customized Content Distribution Strategy

RSM clients receive a custom content distribution strategy tailored to their audience’s behaviors. Every plan includes an analysis of audience personas, along with a mix of channels and the types of content that will be most likely to reach them.

Typical channels include (but are not limited to):

  • Internal distribution
  • Paid and organic social media
  • Paid search
  • Email marketing
  • Earned media

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Surround the Castle

Too often, healthcare marketers focus on creating powerful content, then post it once and move on. Our approach to content distribution is to “surround the castle” instead. Not everyone consumes content the same way or in the same channels. Some prefer podcasts while others read emails or watch video. We repurpose a variety of pieces from a single article, podcast, blog post, or video, and distribute them through multiple channels, reaching your audience with the content format they prefer in the channel they use most.

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Reporting & Analysis

RSM works closely with clients to understand not only what types of content their audiences value and how to deliver it to them, but then reports and analyzes how it’s performing. On a monthly and quarterly basis, we’re analyzing and sharing key metrics from our creation and distribution efforts, and adjusting our strategy and execution based on what we’ve learned. We don’t set it and forget it. Your healthcare content marketing strategy is data-driven and ever-evolving.

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