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RSM Marketing Automation SampleSome call marketing automation a trend. When it’s not done right, it is a trend. But marketing automation can be a game-changer — and the solution modern marketers need to measure effectiveness and prove ROI. You’ve heard the term “marketing automation” everywhere — maybe you’ve been told you have to have it — but do you really understand what it means and what it can do for your company? Put simply, marketing automation is software designed to execute and automate marketing efforts in a highly segmented, efficient, and results-oriented way. It allows you to communicate one-to-one with prospects and customers, and then track and measure your progress so you can see what works and what doesn’t. And it removes the guesswork and opens the door to data-driven decisions.

Our Marketing Automation Services

As a full-service modern marketing shop of tech geeks, strategists, writers, planners, and designers, Right Source helps companies big and small through all stages of the marketing automation process. Our services include:

  • Evaluation and Platform Recommendation We weigh the pros and cons and help you choose the best marketing automation platform for your business. At times, we advise companies to hold off making the leap until other systems are put in place.
  • Set Up and Support We configure the platform to suit your company’s needs and support your team as it gets up and running. We also integrate your CRM software (such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics), if applicable, and can provide staff training and ongoing support.
  • Content Marketing We partner with you to develop a content marketing plan to fuel your marketing automation efforts and align with your business goals. Our content team can work with you to develop an editorial calendar, create or polish your content, and distribute your content across the appropriate channels.
  • Marketing Automation Assessment Already have a marketing automation platform? We assess your current set up, how your team uses it, the content you push out, and your results. Then we develop a roadmap to help you maximize your efforts and increase your leads and conversions.
  • Demand Generation Planning We develop a demand generation plan that lets you identify, target, capture, and convert the right prospects — all through the use of marketing automation. With this service, you learn how to segment and nurture the full spectrum of leads, from prospects who’ve never heard of your company to existing customers in need of nudging.
  • Marketing Automation Management We partner with you to fill in your marketing automation gaps or to manage the entire process for you. This can include everything from scoring leads and managing real-time sales alerts to content creation and distribution.

Our Partners in Marketing Automation

Right Source has formal partnerships with the companies behind the most widely used marketing automation platforms in the industry. If you’re thinking about making the marketing automation leap or looking for a partner to take your marketing to a new level, Right Source can help. Reach out to us to start the conversation.


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