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With so many channels and tactics, it’s hard to figure out which lever to pull to improve performance. You guess, spin wheels, and make changes based on hunches.

The Digital Marketing Roadmap gives you a data-driven analysis of your marketing efforts. You get:

  • An assessment of what you – and your competitors – are doing.
  • Insight into what you’re missing.
  • Performance data.
  • Recommendations for changes that will lead to digital marketing success.

What’s in the Digital Marketing Roadmap?

We analyze and develop recommendations for 8 critical areas of your digital marketing efforts:

Website infrastructure/engagementHow is your website performing and where you should make changes?
On Page SEOWe compile data SEO data from website pages and recommend improvements/optimizations.
Competitor ActivityLearn how competitors stack up in areas of SEO, paid media, content creation, and more.
Keyword AnalysisSee how you rank in search and learn which terms should you be targeting.
Paid MediaHow are your competitors using paid media and what is your best strategy to compete?
Organic SocialWe analyze organic social media performance to see where the opportunities are.
EmailIs your email audience engaged? We dive into numbers & provide best-practice suggestions.
Content CreationUnderstand how your content quality and publishing strategy stack up to competitors.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Know-How

At Right Source, we’re digital marketing specialists and are a trusted partner to healthcare industry leaders.

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"Right Source's marketing strategies have helped us become regular publishers of high-quality and relevant content, and we are seeing the powerful impact the work is having on traffic, SEO performance, and brand awareness."

KELLY MCDERMOTT, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Caregility

In healthcare, content marketing drives results.


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