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Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy for Healthcare

An exceptional digital marketing strategy for healthcare blends the right tactics to create targeted, measurable, and memorable campaigns. That strategy needs to be combined with a thorough assessment and analysis of current activities and an actionable plan focused on specific strategic goals. 

As part of our planning process, we develop a Digital Marketing Roadmap for clients — a data-driven assessment of your current activity in the healthcare digital marketing space stacked up against what your competitors are doing. 

Executable on day 1 following delivery, this is not your average roadmap.

Assessing Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Using proprietary tools and data analysis, accompanied by an evaluation from our team of digital marketing experts, the roadmap examines every digital marketing channel where your audience lives. It assesses your and your competitors’ performance in those channels and builds a digital marketing strategy designed to engage that audience and turn them into customers.

We dive into:

  • website infrastructure/engagement
  • on-page SEO
  • competitor activity/performance
  • keyword analysis
  • organic social media
  • paid media
  • email
  • content creation

Perfecting Positioning and Messaging 

Before we ever put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard), we also work with clients to ensure that any messaging and positioning truly bring out what differentiates them from the competition. Our messaging workshop dives into the personality of your company, your brand promise, and more. The right messaging and positioning allows us to create the highest quality content with the message that resonates with your audience.  

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