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Content Creation

Content Creation

Healthcare content writing needs to be handled by experts. Right Source has more than a decade of success creating content on the most complex subjects to engage and expand audiences in even the most niche corners of healthcare. We use a proven process that marries research, performance analytics, and search data/optimization to help our clients reach their goals.

RSM Content Creation
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Content Planning & Strategy

Our in-depth strategic foundation is built on research, analysis, and data, plus over a decade of healthcare content marketing specialization.

Right Source develops an in-depth and actionable content marketing strategy and plan that is tailored to the needs of every unique client. Every plan becomes a working roadmap constantly being informed by data to capitalize on success.

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Specialized B2B Healthcare Content Creation

We help develop our clients into thought leaders, building trust and engaging audiences. Whether interviewing a senior engineer for a white paper, or ghostwriting for a health plan CEO, we understand how to translate the most technical subject matter into content that will resonate with target audiences.

Dedicated to the most complex healthcare and healthcare technology topics, our seasoned strategists and writing specialists produce high-quality content that converts.

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Content Planning & Strategy
Multi-Channel Approach

Repurposing Content

More than 60 percent of content marketers point to refreshing and repurposing content as one of the most efficient tactics they use.

Right Source maximizes content for clients, producing a variety of content formats for each piece we create. The approach reaches a wider audience with different preferences, while improving search rankings. We also continuously extend the life (and value) of high-performing content by refreshing and repromoting.

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93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Increasingly, Google favors expert, relevant content – which means a great blog post can rank high enough to keep driving traffic and leads for years.

We optimize every piece of content we produce for search, monitoring competitors’ rankings and seizing opportunity to build authority and own key terms at every turn.

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Build Long-Term Value

Like an investment portfolio, quality content can continuously drive value, in the form of brand awareness, web traffic, and leads. Right Source measures performance then optimizes and refreshes the best-performing pieces, further boosting their reach and impact with target audiences. The result is high-performing content that boosts your business performance, often years after the original publish date.

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