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Search Engine Optimization

Content Optimization/SEO

With the right approach to content optimization, healthcare organizations can drive more traffic to their websites, boost brand awareness, and ultimately grow their customer base.

From keyword research to website audits and content optimization, Right Source understands the critical role SEO plays in the B2B sales process. That’s why we review every single piece of content to ensure its optimized for search engine indexability and optimal ranking results, including descriptive meta tags, image optimization, and overall user experience.

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Keyword Research Services and Competitor Tracking

Consider the benefits of being the top search result on Google for a high-volume search term. Our approach to keyword research, tracking, and analysis is designed to get you to the top by not only vetting the competition and identifying current gaps, but also strategically choosing strong user-intent keywords that are relevant and attainable. We weave those keywords into the content we create to drive users to your site and gain authority with Google.

Technical SEO

Is your website mobile friendly? How’s your page speed? With an ongoing auditing process, our team works to ensure your website is optimized for search algorithms and performing at peak levels. From site speed issues to fixing broken links and 404 errors, we’ll make the recommendations necessary to ensure users can more easily find the content they are looking for — which also means better search rankings for you.

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