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B2B Lead Generation Step #1: Start With the Right Mindset

Mike Sweeney | October 16, 2009

This is the first in a series of posts that will address the creation and execution of a B2B lead generation program in a step-by-step manner.  We’ll post another tip each week, and when the series is complete we’ll compile all the tips into one document and distribute.

The first step to creating and executing a B2B lead generation program is to establish the right mindset.  Regardless of your level of expertise, it goes without saying that you need a positive attitude about what you’re about to create, or else the program will fail on the runway or earlier.

Marketing Wheel

Assuming you’ve established this positive attitude, we typically recommend that you embrace the lead generation mindset that is illustrated in the visual above.  We call it the Marketing Wheel for obvious reasons.  Each circle on the outside of the wheel represents a marketing vehicle (we interchangeably call them “buckets”) that you may or may not be actively using to create, execute or manage your lead generation campaigns.  Regardless of whether you’re actively using each of these vehicles, the point we’re making is simple: there are A LOT of different vehicles to consider when launching a lead generation program.  Whether you like it or not, many of these vehicles can impact your lead generation program even if you’re ignoring them from a time and money standpoint.

So where do you start?  Simple.  Brainstorm your list of vehicles or buckets.  Consider every vehicle – direct mail, email, search marketing, website, social media…the list goes on and on.  Now you have your master list.

We’ll go further with what to do with the list in a future tip, because we’re still focused on establishing the right mindset first.   You have however, taken part of the first step in building a lead generation program – you’ve identified the potential lead generation vehicles.

That brings us to core part of the mindset, and this requires some long-term thinking.  Every lead generation program should include the following concrete steps:

  • Identify the strategy and tactics
  • Diversify the tactics
  • Execute the tactics
  • Track the tactics
  • Reallocate time and money towards the tactics

If this were a class, many of you would be raising your hands screaming, “What about setting up metrics for the campaign?” or “In which step do we figure out who and how we respond to leads?”  Fair questions, all of which for the moment should be considered in the strategy phase, which will be discussed in the next tip.

For now though, embrace the mindset.  You’re creating a lead generation program that is not unlike a stock portfolio.  You need to put your time and money into a few vehicles in order to diversify, monitor performance and then decide at some regular interval where to reallocate.

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About Mike Sweeney:

As Right Source’s co-founder and CEO, Mike Sweeney creates, plans, and implements our vision, mission, culture, and strategic direction as well as serving as an advisor to our clients. Mike received a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in marketing from the University of Notre Dame and has more than 20 years of experience in B2B marketing strategy, including digital, content, and marketing technology. You can find Mike on LinkedIn.