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Local Search – What’s up Doc?

Mike Sweeney | May 13, 2008

We all know that doctors don’t always have the time, knowledge or resources to market their practices.  That being said, there is one cheap, efficient, fast method that doctors can use to drive new patients, and retain current patients – local search listings.

For the sake of this exercise, we’ll use this new search engine called Google.  Hopefully everyone has heard of it.  Let’s assume I am looking for a pediatrician in Morristown, New Jersey – naturally, I go to Google and type in “pediatricians morristown nj”.  Although your results may differ slightly depending on location and your preferences, here is what most will see:

Google Search for Pediatricians Morristown NJ

Now, many people will click on “Local business results for pediatricians near Morristown, NJ” and view the following page:

Local Business Results – Pediatricians Near Morristown NJ

Great.  Now we’re in Google Maps and viewing local listings for pediatricians in Morristown, NJ.  Look at listings A – J.  Did you learn anything from the pediatricians listed here? Of course not.  Why? Because most of these physicians haven’t enhanced their listings with descriptions of their practices, operating hours, services offered, etc.  Why do this?

The few physicians that do enhance their listings will rise to the top of the local search listings.  Complete your information, get a few testimonials, add a picture and before you know it you’ll be the top-ranked pediatrician in Morristown, NJ or wherever you’re located.

And the best part? It literally takes 5-10 minutes – click here and get it done now:

Create/Update Your Google Local Business Listing

And then move on to Yahoo, MSN, Yellow Pages online, etc.

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