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Your Job Search is a Marketing Campaign

Mike Sweeney | November 18, 2008

I’d say that only 10% of job seekers understand that looking for a job is not all that different from strategizing, creating and executing a marketing campaign. What are some simple aspects that drive the success of a marketing campaign?

  • Choose a target audience carefully.
  • Customize your offering and content for that target audience.
  • Make sure the target audience can quickly and easily view your offering.
  • Allow the target audience to interact with you in a variety of ways.

Translated into a job search, those bullets become:

  • Pick a few audiences of companies and decision makers that are realistic targets.
  • Don’t send the same thing to everyone; customize the content for the audience, company, and decision maker.
  • Make sure the recipient of your materials can view resumes, cover letters and other credentials in whatever way they prefer.
  • For godssakes, provide a number of options for getting in touch – email, phone, IM, blog, etc.

90% of the job inquiries I receive break at least one of these rules.  Guess where those inquiries go?  From the inbox to the trash – immediately.

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