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Win More Business: Blogging to Accelerate the Sales Process

Right Source | July 22, 2010

At Right Source Marketing, we’re big believers in blogging.  Companies and individuals blog for all sorts of reasons, and we’re no exception. Mike and I discussed a number of them, as well as the benefits in more depth in a presentation we gave for the GBTC earlier this year on Why Blogging Should be the Hub of your Social Media Efforts (slides included below).

However, one of the often overlooked uses for a blog is to accelerate the sales process.  We discussed this in the presentation and I wrote specifically about this idea back in January in Using Your Blog to Skip the First Meeting.

Just this week we’ve discussed this concept with 3 different clients in 3 different meetings, so I thought it was worth a revisit.  I encourage you to read the full articles above about how you can use your blog before you even engage in the sales cycle, as well as think about ways you may even use your blog during the sales cycle.  I, for one, have been known not only to use the blog to skip the first meeting, but occasionally to write a post right after meeting with a client, to subtly reinforce and re-emphasize a point that works in our favor.  In essence, I’m “narrowcasting” a message to a very specific prospect.  Who knows, maybe even one day salespeople will talk about the “one post close”

Are you blogging to accelerate the sales process?  I’d love to hear some of the things that you are doing in the comments below.

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