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In the News: The ‘Death’ of Telehealth, B2B Buyer Behavior, and more

Right Source | November 15, 2022
November Industry News Roundup

Is telehealth’s time in the spotlight over? 

If we think about healthcare and the innovations that are developed to help deliver a better and more effective experience, technology can only be successful if it meets the right expectations for care at the exact moment that care is needed. According to industry voices on Fierce Healthcare, telehealth’s big moment to do just that was COVID-19, and now “that moment has passed”. 

In this month’s news roundup, learn more about the so-called “death” of telehealth as well as other trends on the rise across the healthcare industry. Plus, as 2022 draws to a close, we’re continuing our efforts to help you ace your B2B marketing strategy in the new year. The secret? Understanding your B2B buyer behavior. 

Industry Voices – Telehealth is dead. The era of hybrid care has arrived

Fierce Healthcare 

“Healthcare innovation, like anything else, is about time and place.” Telehealth was an imperative tool during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, but many patients still want in-person care options. Thus, the era of hybrid care has truly arrived. Here’s what you need to know.

B2B Marketing Success Hinges on Understanding Buyer Behavior


Communication channels are everchanging, but the core reasonings behind buyer behavior stay the same. Forbes says understanding B2B buying patterns is the key to marketing success. Learn why. 

Trends that will Shape Healthcare in 2023: Hospital Closures, Scaling Retail Clinics & More

MedCity News

Forrester recently shared their predictions for major trends that will shape healthcare in 2023. Expectations include more hospital closures, advancement of RPM for chronic conditions, and more.

Top 10 Healthcare Industry Predictions for 2023


2023 preparation is in full swing for the healthcare industry as we look forward to a promising year. Forbes shares 10 predictions to look out for as the current calendar year comes to a close.

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