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In the News: Measured Digital Marketing Amidst a Looming Recession

Right Source | September 28, 2022
September Industry News Roundup

As we move further away from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re beginning to understand which trends will define the healthcare industry going forward, including the role of seamless telehealth in a post-pandemic world, the impact of remote work, and more. But there are still many challenges at hand, including supply chain struggles, staff shortages, and the reality of economic downturn. 

As we enter this era of economic uncertainty, healthcare marketing leaders everywhere are facing increased scrutiny. And while some might be at a loss, Forbes is suggesting that digital marketing may prove to be an important investment during this economic downturn. 

In this month’s healthcare news roundup, we’ll cover that story and take a look at the future of telemedicine. Plus, we’ll reveal 6 trends changing the healthcare marketing industry and why healthcare marketers must take a user privacy extremely seriously.

How to Leverage Measured Digital Marketing in an Economic Downturn


With the possibility of our next recession in the back of everyone’s minds, many businesses are looking to cut costs wherever necessary to stay afloat. Marketing efforts are often one of the first to go to the chopping block, but digital marketing may prove to be an important investment during this economic downturn. Forbes tells us why.

Why Telehealth is More than Just a Pandemic Trend

Healthcare IT News

COVID-19 brought telehealth services to a mainstream audience – and they’re here to stay. Patients want convenience and easy access to quality care, both of which telemedicine can provide. Healthcare IT News dives into the future of telehealth and what virtual care might look like over the next decade.

6 Trends Changing the Marketing Industry, Duke Survey Says

Becker’s Hospital Review

The majority of marketers are now working from home, analytics are being used to make half of all marketing decisions, and the implementation of AI is increasing exponentially. Becker’s Hospital Review explains these trends and more according to a recent survey by Duke University. 

How Healthcare Marketers Can Take a ‘Privacy First’ Approach

Becker’s Hospital Review 

As marketing strategies and tactics evolve and grow more complex, campaigns have become increasingly more personalized to better target patients and increase engagement. But how should executives effectively protect the consumer data they’re capturing and utilizing for their marketing efforts? Becker’s Hospital Review explains. 

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