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Harry Potter’s Marketing Spells

Right Source | July 15, 2011

In honor of the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, we’ve compiled a list of wizarding spells and matched them with their marketing correspondents. OK so it’s silly, but it’s Friday, and as we know, being goofy can really pay off. So grab a Butterbeer and get your nerd on with these five spells we wish existed in the Muggle world!

Oculus Reparo: Repairs broken items.

While Hermione has used this spell to fix Harry’s broken glasses on several occasions, this spell would be used to repair your marketing efforts. Whether business is great or on the ropes, reassessing and updating your marketing efforts can help your company adjust. If something isn’t working, don’t force it—repair it.

Scourgify: Used to clean dirt or other material off of a surface.

Molly Weasley uses this spell to clean up after her seven children, but we suggest you use it to clean up your website and/or blog. Is it user-friendly? Is all the information recent and relevant? Cleaning up issues early and often will result in a better quality website and user experience. But don’t just cast spells for the heck of it—think about why. Make your website high-quality, not just flashy. If you redesign with marketing strategy in mind, your visitors are more likely to turn into clients.

Lumos: Creates light, usually by making the tip of the wand glow.

One of Harry and his pals’ most useful spells, lumos acts as a flashlight for the magically inclined. We suggest you use this spell to light up your brand with original content. Recruit members of your marketing department or hire externally to help you write content that will provide value for potential customers and make them familiar with your company.


Sonorus: Amplifies the user’s voice.

The sonorous charm is used by Lord Voldemort to deliver his ultimatum to begin the Battle of Hogwarts in the upcoming film. For Muggle marketing, use it to distribute content! Amplify your voice by getting your content out there on the right sites so you’re reaching the right people. The more people read your content, the more likely they are to click through to your website and get to know your products or services.

Accio: Brings an object to the user.

Harry used this charm to summon his broomstick during the Tri-Wizard tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It can save you, too: Accio leads! Use content to bring more traffic to your site. Link all your pages together so those who read your blog will be able to get to your site easily.

Any spells I missed that you wish you could use for your marketing or even just around the office? Comment below!


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