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Social Media: Bring These ROI Examples to Your CEO

Will Davis | December 8, 2009

Often when we discuss social media, one of the first questions that comes up is something along the lines of “That’s great, but where’s the ROI?”  We talked about this before in Businesses: Stay Away From Social Media If You Meet The Following Criteria and Social Media: Justify Your Love With the Right ROI Approach.

There are many reasons companies are involved in social media, and many find great value without even thinking about measuring ROI.  Recently though, I saw this video from Socialnomics, a social media blog as well as a book by Erik Qualman.  I’m about halfway through the book now — Socialnomics: How social media transforms our lives and the way we do business — and I’ll post more about it when I finish.

One of the things that grabbed me about this video was its tight, fun presentation including clear ROI examples from B2C, B2B and nonprofit uses of social media including brands such as Burger King, Dell,, Intuit, Susan G Komen for the Cure and more.

Many thanks to Kevin Lynch from Banking on Social Media for being one of the first to bring Socialnomics to my attention (That’s a strong hint to go check out Kevin’s blog).

As the audio track says, “check it out..”

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