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5 AI Tools for Content Marketers That Aren’t ChatGPT

Right Source | November 27, 2023
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AI is changing how many marketers think about content creation. The landscape of AI tools for content creation has exploded in recent years, changing much about how savvy marketers conceptualize efficiency and effort. While AI isn’t putting marketers out of a job any time soon, content marketers must demonstrate an understanding of essential tools to support clients in a rapidly evolving content marketing ecosystem.

You’ve heard of and probably used ChatGPT to summarize content, draft social, and more. However, the world of AI content creation is rapidly expanding. Explore these tools to seamlessly create copy designed for multiple channels like social and email, generate images and video content, and much more.

1. Claude: AI tool for text generation

Claude is a “next-generation AI assistant for your tasks, no matter the scale.” We’ve included Claude in the content creation tools specifically, as it presents a unique opportunity for marketers to mitigate one of the common pitfalls of AI-generated content: inaccuracy that creates brand risk.

  • Use Case   Content for social, websites, campaigns, blogs, etc.
  • Freemium?   Yes
  • Cost   $20/month per user

Meet Claude Screenshot

Why we like Claude:
Claude boasts a constitutional AI. A Constitutional AI (CAI) shapes the outputs of AI systems according to a set of principles, with the goal of making a helpful, harmless, and honest AI assistant. Utilizing constitutional AI reduces brand risk when relying on AI for content creation. Claude promises “best in class data retention, and no training on your data,” all of which helps your AI-powered content generation feel human, and useful to your prospects and customers. Reviewers say that the free version of Claude may be even better than the free version ChatGPT, but you be the judge.

2. MarketMuse : AI tool for content creation and strategy

MarketMuse is a modern content marketer’s secret weapon, promising to help marketers “make better, more objective decisions” regarding their content strategy by leveraging the power of AI to complete content audits, optimize SERP ranking, and create content.

  • Use Case  Content planning & optimization strategy platform
  • Freemium?   Yes
  • Cost   $149/month

MarketMuse Sreenshot

Why we like MarketMuse:
MarketMuse uses AI to help marketers make smarter decisions at each stage of the content creation process, from strategy and planning, to topic selection and optimal placement of keywords within copy.

3. Midjourney: AI tool for image generation

Midjourney is a dynamic image generation platform that offers low-cost image generation software. Simple text prompts result in compelling, unique images for marketers to use across content creation efforts.

  • Use Case Create unique images for marketing materials, websites, and advertising
  • Freemium?   No
  • Cost   $10/month

Midjourney Screenshot

Why we like Midjourney:
Particularly given the AI revolution in content creation, ensuring your content stands out from the pack is not just about SEO optimization. Generic social media posts with stock images don’t cut it today – images represent an opportunity for your brand to connect on an emotional level with prospects as well as building brand recognition and awareness.

4. GlossAI : AI tool for video repurposing

GlossAI is a generative video AI platform for content generation at scale. This tool allows marketers to instantly turn long-form videos or podcasts into short, shareable clips.

  • Use Case Turn videos into short-form, sharable clips
  • Freemium?   Yes
  • Cost   $49/month

GlossAI Video

Why we like GlossAI:
Repurposing content is critical for a successful content marketing program in 2023. Optimizing the format of your content for various distribution channels can help marketers create useful content at scale with real ROI. GlossAI allows marketers to focus their skills on creating in-depth content that will be useful to prospects instead of spending time repackaging their long-form content for optimal performance across distribution channels.

5. Visla: AI tool for video generation

Visla allows marketers to record, edit, and share video, all in one place. Their generative AI-powered platform means there is no editing experience needed, and professional videos take only minutes to create.

  • Use Case.  Video generation from text prompts, edit video from text-based transcript
  • Freemium?   Yes
  • Cost   $19/month

Visla Video

Why we like Visla:
Gone are the days of expensive outsourcing for professional video creation. Not only does Visla allow marketers to generate video from existing text or simple AI prompts, but with Visla’s generative AI, marketers can edit video with completely text-based edits–no more reshooting your video if you want to change the copy.


With all of the AI tools for content creation available today, content marketers can focus on what they do best: communicating ideas through content to help their prospects solve problems.

Utilize these AI tools to ensure that your prospects hear your message in the right format, at the right time.

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