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6 Examples of Innovative B2B Case Studies

Right Source | October 11, 2018

Case studies are a favorite in the content tool belt of modern marketers, and they are even more critical for marketers operating in the B2B space, where the buying process is often lengthy and complex. Marketers rely on B2B case studies for good reason: According to the Demand Gen Report, case studies convert at the highest rate of any content type, with 78 percent of buyers using them when researching purchases.

While they are rated as the most useful content type, many companies stop at the established “best practice” of a static, two-page case study in the traditional problem-solution-results framework.

But as marketing thought leader Jay Acunzo argues, best practices have become average.

In a world where 91 percent of buyers prefer content that is more visual and interactive, it’s time for marketers to up their case study game. To give you a better idea of what’s possible and inspire you to find innovative ways to connect with your buyers, we collected a few examples that diverge from the case study norm.

Example #1: Sprinklr

This case study example from Sprinklr represents a great first step for marketers interested in both upping the caliber of their B2B case studies and repurposing existing content.

View the case study.

Sprinklr’s case study on how retail discount giant Groupon uses its platform to manage social conversations has been reformatted from a typical, flat PDF and uploaded to LinkedIn’s SlideShare platform. This gives Sprinklr the opportunity to repurpose the original case study into a new format and share a more interactive version of the document.

Example #2: Kantar

Kantar, a leading research, data, and insight consulting firm, created this video case study to explain its work with Samsung.

Samsung – animated case study from Sennep on Vimeo.

By using a video format, Kantar tells a more engaging story that brings to life the complex concepts of Kantar’s work with Samsung.

Example #3: SnapApp

It’s no shock that SnapApp, an interactive content creation platform, decided to innovate with its case studies by — wait for it — making them interactive.

Beyond making the case study interactive, SnapApp also includes questions that gauge buyer interest and offer the opportunity to qualify leads. The combination of an innovative format and thoughtfully positioned qualifying questions gives SnapApp the opportunity to drive a high volume of quality leads.

View the live case study here.

Example #4: Room214

Room214, a digital media consulting company, took an innovative approach to standard B2B case studies through video.

The video case study, based on the company’s work with Rapt media, follows a standard introduction, problem, solution, and results format, but keeps the audience engaged with visuals that help bring somewhat complex and dry concepts around lead generation and customer acquisition to life.

Example #5: Bit.ly

This case study from Bit.ly engages buyers by using simple, pared down text, thoughtful design elements, and a unique scrolling format.

The two-column design keeps the user engaged and advancing quickly through the dynamic results Bit.ly as able to drive for one ecommerce business.

View Bit.ly’s case study here.

Example #6: ScribbleLive

 ScribbleLive, a provider of marketing technology including interactive content creation tools, created an innovative case study using Ion Interactive. It combines traditional elements of a case study with the scrolling format and engagement of an interactive format.

By embedding the content directly onto a website, ScribbleLive got the SEO benefits of the copy, as well as the opportunity to offer stronger CTAs at both the bottom and top of the case study.

See the interactive case study here.

Final Thoughts

B2B case studies play a critical role in helping your audience envision the impact your service, product, or solution could have on their bottom line. Research shows that case studies can be a dynamic force in driving conversions for your business — but the tired, typical case study format won’t get your business noticed. Use these examples to inspire you to break out of the mold and give your case studies new life.

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