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Your 2010 Marketing Trenches Favorites

Right Source | December 30, 2010

First, thanks to all of you who have read, commented, and passed along our posts throughout 2010.

As 2010 zooms into 2011, we’re taking a look back at what we learned over the past year, and the posts that you, our readers, liked best. To select these posts, we looked at a combination of page views, tweets, and comments.

Without further ado, here are the 10 posts you deemed most interesting for 2010, in countdown format.

10. Who Are You? The 5 Key Components of a Core Messaging Document

Is your company’s message loud and clear?

9. The Only Rule of Twitter: Be True To Yourself

Mike Sweeney’s guide to maximizing Twitter use for business. And it doesn’t include tweeting about what you had for breakfast.

8. The Best of Goofy Brands

Who doesn’t want to read about ducks, monkeys, and talking babies?

7. Market Research Without an Action Plan= Worthless Market Research

Don’t do market research for the sake of research; do it to drive concrete marketing improvements.

6. Why Blogging Should be the Hub of Your Social Media Efforts

Why blogging can touch every area of your organization, with big results.

5. Professional Service Firms: Me Too is Not a Marketing Strategy

If you can’t define what makes you different, you’re in big trouble.

4. My Smart Marketer Pummels Your Social Media Guru

Are social media gurus really the experts they claim to be?

3. Why You’re Afraid of Content Marketing

We bet you’re too chicken to read this.

2. Conducting a Marketing Audit: The 5 Essential Questions

Start your marketing evaluation with these 5 questions, and you’ll be off to a running start.

1. Crystal Ball – 2011 Predictions from Our Friends and Colleagues

The buzz from marketing and business gurus about what to expect in 2011.

Did your favorite post make the list?  What do you think your best posts were? Comment and let us know!

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