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4 HealthTech Case Studies to Copy Right Now

Yvonne Lyons | September 8, 2023

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2022 report on B2B content marketing, 73% of the most successful B2B marketers use case studies. And for good reason: 50% of SaaS companies identified case studies as their primary driver of qualified leads. 

Case studies are even more critical in health tech marketing, where the buying process can be lengthy and complex. They represent an essential opportunity to help prospects imagine a future transformed by your company’s solution and offer tangible proof points for its achievability.

In a buying environment where so many prospects use case studies in researching purchases, healthcare industry marketers need to ensure their case studies set them apart from the competition. This may call for various formats — innovative content types with stories to engage, as well as more traditional written formats for deeper detail.

To give you a better idea of what’s possible — and inspire you to find innovative ways to connect with your buyers — below are a few examples from leaders in the health tech industry.

Before and After Page

Leading EHR provider SimplePractice delivers an all-in-one practice management software for running a more straightforward business and providing an outstanding client experience for helping professionals. In addition to a robust library of case studies, the health tech leader further streamlines their value proposition to prospects with a simple before and after page.

Simple Practice GIF

The page clearly addresses pain points experienced by clients in multiple verticals, highlighting the role and industry of each mini-testimonial within the “after” section of the dynamic page. The seamless design of the interactive page aligns with clear messaging highlighting the automation benefits of Simple Practice’s EHR.

Healthtech Video Case Study

bswift streamlines HR, benefits and payroll processes for healthcare providers through its proprietary software, allowing efficient delivery of healthcare services. The company offers a multitude of services, but its complex offerings are given a human face in this video case study.


While the video is short and sweet, it covers the traditional problem-solution-results format for a solid case study. bswift’s client shares an engaging story. The company then offers readers more detail on results with more traditional, written case studies. Don’t underestimate the value of a human connection to further engage buyers, as bswift did with its video.

Pain Point Case Study Library

Saas healthcare innovator PatientPop helps healthcare providers deliver the best patient experience while they grow their practices via a suite of marketing and telehealth tools. To display the power of its diverse suite of tools, PatientPop built a case study library.

PatientPop GIF - Slower

While the library may not seem like a revolutionary idea, pay close attention to its structure. While most case study libraries are organized by the type or name of the customer, PatientPop’s is organized by outcome. Because the company’s tools address multiple pain points for their buyers, this structure allows prospects to self-select a case study based on the result they are hoping to achieve. Health tech buyers can quickly target results that illustrate how PatientPop’s tools can meet their needs.

Digital Health Interactive Quiz Case Study

ZOLL develops and markets medical devices, including wearable health tech, and software solutions that advance emergency care to save lives. Their cardiac diagnostics division creates products for defibrillation and monitoring, circulation and CPR feedback, and more. To help medical professionals understand when the company’s LifeVest product, a wearable defibrillator, is appropriate for patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest, ZOLL’s marketing team created interactive case studies.

Zoll GIF - slower

Health history details about each patient entice users to click, and then the interactive case study steps them through that patient’s history and clinical course. Each patient profile is designed to highlight opportunities to connect patients to digital health interventions. A simple quiz at the end helps physicians understand when the LifeVest product can and should be prescribed. Simple yet engaging, this approach allows ZOLL’s busy medical professional prospects to quickly understand the health tech product’s applicable use cases. The interactive quiz format also encourages content shareability on social media. Prospects can then dive deeper with more traditional, written case studies to explore additional topics around cardiac care.

How to Create Conversions with Better Case Studies

Case studies play a critical role in your audience’s ability to envision the impact your health tech solution will have for their company. Research shows that case studies are a dynamic force in driving conversions for your business, and can be particularly helpful in expanding prospect understanding of digital health solutions in context. With the traditional, written case study as a complementary marketing tool that offers detail and depth on your subject, using new formats that break from the mold, provide your data in more engaging formats, and drive users to learn more will ultimately lead to greater conversions.

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