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4 Standout B2B Case Studies to Elevate Your Marketing Efforts

Right Source | November 8, 2023
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B2B case studies play a critical role in helping your audience envision the impact your service, product, or solution could have on their bottom line. Prospects consistently rate real-world applications with full process overviews as the most helpful content type in a B2B buying process. Effectively utilizing case studies as a part of a B2B marketing strategy requires compelling customer content and an accessible user experience that connects your prospect with a relevant story.

Explore these four innovative B2B case study examples that clearly demonstrate value and focus on the prospect experience.

1) Slack: stackable filters to target your customer’s experience

SaaS cross-platform instant messaging service Slack has become a key aspect of how many businesses communicate, and has created a customizable library to help potential customers imagine how Slack could transform their business specifically.

Animated Slack Example

View the filterable case study library

With filters that allow visitors to sort customer stories by industry, department, business size, and region, Slack allows prospects to self-select into hyper-relevant content. Once visitors are served customer stories that reflect their own business, they can review content in text and video form. This focus on delivering relevant content in multiple formats means that Slack’s customer success story content translates to better leads and shorter buying processes.

2) Monday.com: One story, multiple content formats

While case studies are a valuable content marketing tool, they are also rated by marketers as among the most labor-intensive types of content to create. When creating in-depth customer stories, maximize your ROI by repurposing your case study into multiple content formats, like this example from Monday.com.

Monday.com example

View Monday.com’s multiple content type case study here.

Leading project management SaaS solution for B2B companies Monday.com creates in-depth case studies that feature traditional problem-solution text stories, as well as compelling videos that humanize the customer story.

3) Salesforce: multi-story video case studies

Text-heavy case studies aren’t compelling to all buyers, particularly in earlier stages of the buying process. However, over half of B2B buyers identified video content as their preferred content form to learn about a new brand or evaluate a product.

CRM provider Salesforce created a compilation of testimonials from diverse customers to demonstrate the efficacy of their Service Cloud SaaS offering.

Animated Salesforce Example

View Salesforce’s video case study here.

4) Zocdoc: visual in-depth case study

A case study is a valuable content marketing tool, particularly near the end of a buying process when a prospect is evaluating fit with their individual pain points. Context and data are key in telling customer stories, but the attention span of buyers is often shorter than we would hope.

Zocdoc Graphic Case Study

View Zocdoc’s visual case study.

Zocdoc, a healthcare technology SaaS company providing an online service that allows people to find and book in-person or telemedicine appointments for medical or dental care, created in-depth case studies that clearly convey outcomes, while adding additional SEO benefits. Alongside an SEO boost from a targeted text-heavy customer story, their digital marketing team successfully utilized graphics throughout to maintain reader interest and increase shareability on social media.

Final thoughts

When crafting your B2B case studies, focus on real-world problems that resonate with your target audience. Highlight the tangible benefits and results of your solution. A well-crafted case study is both a testament to your product and a valuable sales tool. Emulate the best with these examples, and watch your B2B content marketing efforts produce real ROI.

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