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In the News: Weathering Economic Uncertainty

Right Source | August 25, 2022
August Industry News Roundup

From the recent economic downturn to a heightened battle against increased cybersecurity threats, healthcare organizations have been plagued with various challenges since the beginning of 2022

Simultaneously, the industry is seeing more change now than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred an era of transformation that doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon, and marketing teams are feeling the pressure to evolve as new, innovative competitors continue to emerge in a crowded marketplace. 

In this month’s healthcare news roundup, we cover the impending recession and what it means for healthcare marketers. Plus, we outline today’s top cybersecurity trends and address how new telehealth tools could impact the healthcare industry as a whole.

How healthcare marketers can drive change – right now

HealthLeaders Media

In light of recent economic uncertainty, healthcare marketers are facing pressure to do more with less. Many are dealing with budget cuts while simultaneously being expected to continuously drive growth. In this blog post, HealthLeaders Media features strategies to combat these challenges and keep up with the competition.

Three marketing strategies for weathering economic uncertainty


Whispers of an impending recession have companies solidifying their strategies and cutting back on spending. Unfortunately, marketing teams generally feel the impact of said budget cuts early on. Forbes shares three things for marketers to consider as they ready their tactics for this period of economic uncertainty.  

Top mid-year healthcare cybersecurity trends

Health IT Security

Ransomware attacks, medical device security concerns, and healthcare cybersecurity efforts have been at the forefront of industry news for much of 2022. In this post, Health IT Security shares expert insights on this year’s cybersecurity trends and predictions for what’s to come.

How the popularity of at-home testing and telehealth tools could impact the healthcare industry


Widespread quarantine during COVID-19 forced healthcare organizations to implement digital solutions ranging from at-home testing to virtual appointments. More than two years after the start of the pandemic, these tools have become an accepted convenience of everyday life. Forbes explains how this new era of healthcare could change the industry as a whole.

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