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In the News: Addressing Workforce Struggles

Right Source | July 21, 2022
July Industry News Roundup

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred a new era of transformation and uncertainty in the healthcare industry, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. Healthcare organizations continue to face new challenges – ranging from ongoing labor shortages to a recent downturn in digital health funding – as we move into the second half of 2022. 

Now, as we continue to tread the waters of the “Great Resignation” and face impactful shifts in the economy and consumer behavior, the businesses that prepare, pivot, and seamlessly adapt will rise to the top.

In this month’s healthcare news roundup, we cover the ongoing workforce struggles, the impending recession, and how to address both. Plus, we unpack where investors are putting their money in the digital health space as well as the continued digital transformation in the healthcare industry as discussed at HIMSS22 Europe.

How healthcare marketers are innovating to address workforce struggles

HealthLeaders Media

In light of the newly termed “Great Resignation”, hospitals and health systems are experiencing great challenges in recruiting needed staff. In this recap of HealthLeaders Media’s “Healthcare Workforce of the Future” roundtable event, marketing executives share the creative strategies they have implemented to keep up with recent employee turnover.

How marketing leaders should prepare for a recession

Campaign US

We’re sure you’ve heard the news by now: the U.S. is headed toward a recession, and now is the time to prepare. Campaign US covers what we know now, what we should expect, and strategies for marketers as they begin to plan for the future.

Market downturn dampens digital health funding, M&A in 2022. These sectors raked in the most cash

Fierce Healthcare

After reaching new heights in 2021, digital health funding has taken a fall. A slow first half of 2022 has left many wondering where investors are putting their money. Fierce Healthcare shares the answers as well as their predictions for M&A moving forward.

On the path to digital maturity

Healthcare IT News

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is undergoing a monumental digital transformation in in the wake of the pandemic. But what outcomes should we be striving for? And how can we measure success throughout the journey? Healthcare IT News unpacks the path to digital maturity as discussed at HIMSS Europe 2022.

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